October 9, 2013

An Adventure in Cloth Diapering: Stash and Supplies

This is the third part in my cloth diapering mini-series. Make sure to check out The Beginning and Resources!
First of all- what does it mean when a mama refers to a stash? Simply put, it's a collection of cloth diapers.
A load of diapers and inserts after a wash!
My stash mostly consists of bumGenius 4.O diapers, and Kawaii pockets. I purchased a few second hand from a Facebook swap group and tried them out (details in Resources, linked above). I liked the fit, look, and ease of use. 

Snaps or Aplix?
I chose to purchase mostly snap diapers after researching and finding that they last longer, have less problems and are basically just as easy as aplix (also referred to hook&loop, or a brand name you'll recognize: Velcro). Aplix tabs start to curl and can snag if not placed on the laundry tabs correctly. They do need to be swapped out too with new ones that you can sew in yourself my purchasing a BG refresher kit. The aplix diapers that I purchased second hand do not need to be replaced any time soon, so I do not have experience in that area yet.   

My Stash, Supplies and Extras 
  • Laundry
    • Tide Original powder (any detergent is fine to use on your CD as long as it doesn't have fabric softeners! This is a good link on detergents to use. I also switched from Tide Free & Gentle liquid because I found the powder dissolves much better and cleans the diapers TONS better. I wash every 3 days. Twice a week for a smallish stash? No biggy.)
    • Biz (I use this during the prewash, to help loosen things up.)
    • Borax (we have really hard water, and this helps neutralize it.)
    • Clorox bleach (not every load but once a month or every other month, and to sterilize second hand diapers. BG even recommends using bleach once a month on their tag!)
    • Buncha Farmers Stain Stick (we all rave about it for a reason!)
    • Drying- I dry my diapers and inserts in the dryer but also have a clothes line with grip pegs (to sun out for stains). Many people use a drying rack for the winter or rainy days, and others also like the Octopus.
    • Wool Dryer balls- these help cut back on drying time and help save energy! Check out my {Simple} DIY Wool Dryer Ball tutorial- since they can be expensive! The trick is getting them to be the right size, about the size of a baseball. I also love and use LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls.

  • Diaper Station
    • Wipes: Pampers Sensitive. I know, I know, I don't use cloth wipes but I just can't do it. A lot of mama's figure if they are already washing their dipes, why not? That's me though.
    • Diaper creams- coconut oil, All Natural Boudreaux's Butt Paste, Burt's Bees Baby Bee Diaper Ointment, and Desitin (regular and maximum strength. Desitin is not a CD safe cream, so I make sure to use a fleece liner! For CD safe creams, check here).
LOVE! This stuff seems to be magic! Rashes have cleared up even after one use!

    • Fleece liners- If Desitin is the only thing I can get my hands on, I'll use one of these fleece liners. I made them very easily myself. I had left over fleece from making Christian's crib teething guard that I used (I followed this pin for the teething guard in case you're interested). I placed an insert over the fleece and cut around it, then used that on doubled over fleece and cut more. Done! These I place between baby and the diaper to keep the diaper safe. The fleece gets the hit of diaper cream and not the diaper. 
Fleece liner
    • Inserts- I mostly have BG inserts. I got a lot through new diapers (most diapers come with two inserts already, a large regular insert and a smaller newborn insert). I also purchased a small bulk of inserts second hand from another Facebook swap group. I was able to get 20 nb inserts and 14 adjustable inserts for $24 (including shipping)!! It pays to buy used!
    • Planet Wise Diaper Pail Liner- This is what I use to throw my soiled diapers "away" until laundry day. It has a nice PUL inside layer that keeps the leaks and smells in! I have two and keep them in both diaper pails below.
    • Plastic trash can- for the nursery
    • Wicker basket- for the bathroom for dirty diapers I have sprayed off. I hate carrying around a semi-soggy, dripping diaper. I use a small stainless steel trash can that sits in front of the plastic can to throw away wipes and other things in the nursery. 
  • Out and About
    • Planet Wise Wet/Dry bag- This bag is great because it not only has a large PUL pocket for soiled diapers that keeps the leaks and smells in, but it ALSO has on the front a smaller dry pocket! I can keep a diaper, cream, liners, wipes etc. in this pocket and only have to bring this bag to make a diaper change instead of the entire diaper bag. This bag also has a snap strap handle to make carrying it around easier. I have two in case one gets dirty and is in the wash.
    • Flushable liner- not only are these liners flushable, but they are biodegradable too! They make messes a quick, easy clean up. These fit inside the diaper and are against baby's skin. Just lift the liner out of the diaper with the solids and flush! No carrying around poo in your wet bag! We mostly use the Bummis brand liners because they are soft and don't bunch up in the diaper all that much. We also like the OsoCozy brand which is stiffer and definitely keeps it shape. These are also a great size. They are very large and cover most of the inside of the diaper plus some. Sometimes they are too harsh for C's sensitive skin though.
    • Coconut Oil Stick- check out my 15 minute DIY coconut oil stick.
  • Other
    • Diaper Sprayer- We really like our Aquaua diaper sprayer! We read so many good things about it, and have really been pleased with this sprayer. It doesn't leak like you hear about most other sprayers.
Buyers Remorse 
The only diaper I regrettably purchased, was an Alva diaper. It is a cloth diaper brand known as a "China cheapy." I purchased it new for only $6 and thought, "Awesome! So many mom's love these diapers and they're cheap!" I'm not going to judge mom's for purchasing these diapers, since many like them and it fits their budget. But for me, after reading a little more on the diapers, I found a few things: 1) many mom's had trouble with the PUL delaminating and 2) the more I thought about my purchase, the more I didn't want to be involved in an operation that probably doesn't pay their workers fair pay.  

*Check back! I will update this list as I add or change things about my stash and supplies!

Next: How to Start.

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