October 14, 2013

No Sew Nursery Curtian

I wanted to make an easy curtain for my sons room. It had to be something that was going to be super simple and required NO sewing. That's right, no hemming, nothing.

This is how his window looked before.... boring. I was ready for a change from the regular blinds. They had served their purpose over the years of giving this room privacy, but now I wanted something that blocked out the light more and looked a little nicer.
The curtain material that I chose made this task more difficult. Next time, since I wanted something really simple, I'll choose different materials!
-3 yards of fabric (I choose this based on my ceiling height. I also found an open weave lace netting that was beautiful and on SALE) and paired it with...
-"blackout" fabric (I chose this material because of the color and how it looked with my netting. I didn't mind if it didn't really make the room black, which it does not.) 
-curtain rod and clip rings (optional, I ended up not using the rings)
-double sided hemming tape (no iron needed. I found mine at Joann's)
-hair clips (I didn't want to pin through the "blackout" material leaving holes)

1. First I laid out both materials. Then I clipped the layers together using hair clips. You will want your materials laying with the nice side down so you see the back. Because of my material, I had to do it the opposite way.
2. Next I started with one long side, rolled over the entire side onto the double sided hem tape. Then I continued with the remaining sides.

3. The last step after all the sides were finished, was I needed to add a spot for the curtain rod to slip through. (I didn't use the rings because after I thought about it, I didn't want to crimp my material and I thought maybe it'd be a little too heavy for them.)
I simply added another strip of hemming tape and folded down the top, but made the gap much wider than the sides.
4. Slide the curtain rode through the gap, letting it gather in places if necessary, and hang rod! (You can also see here how the light it blocked a lot).
I love how this curtain turned out, even though it took way more time that I thought. Getting that netting to stick and fold over was challenging. But it looks great and it's great for nap time!

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