November 11, 2013

Favorite Baby Books

These are my favorite baby books for Christian, who is now 1 year old. We have a ton of books and it's hard to whittle it down, but here are some!

1. Touch & Feel books
We love these kinds of books because most of them have different colors, textures, shine etc. for baby to play with. They keep Christian entertained and they introduce reading nicely with shorts words such as colors, animals etc.
2. Action Rhyme books
These are fun for baby and parents! Rhyming songs paired with finger play is great play time for baby. It helps imagination as well as connect words to actions.
3. I Love You Through and Through
"I love your silly side, your mad side..." A very cute book that talks about different parts of the body as well as different emotions. There is also it's companion book How Do I Love You?
4. I Love You Stinky Face
A son asks his mother if she would still love him if he was a stinky face (insert skunk looking boy here), a dinosaur, a monkey etc.
5. Baby Photo Book
These books are nice because they are soft and flexible with the added perk that you can add your own pictures to it! Put pictures of mommy, daddy, the dog etc. and you can practice names and help recall relatives with your little one.

6. The Very Hungry Caterpillar
The soft covered book AND the original! The soft covered book comes with an attached strawberry teether and each page has a single picture, some with soft material flaps. The original book is very cute with little pages for each food that the caterpillar eats through.
7. Giraffes Can't Dance
A cute book about how a giraffe finds that he is good at dancing the way that he knows how.
8. National Geographic board books
I really like these nonfiction board books and so does Christian! He likes the real life pictures and colors and learning the different names of the animals.
9. Chicka Chicka ABC
This book is great for younger kids that have shorter attention spans and can't sit through the entire Chicka Chicka Boom Boom book. It goes through the complete first half of the book with all the letters running up the tree and then falling off.
10. Good Dog Carl (also awesome for older children, 2+)
This book is awesome although it doesn't have any words. A dog who takes care of a baby for a day, what could happen? It's fun to point things out in the pictures and help the babies discover visual clues throughout the book.
11. Forest Babies
We like this board book because it talks about babies and has real life pictures!
12. Christmas in the Manger
I like this book because it has rhyming verses about the different animals and people at the birth of Jesus. PLUS it mentions at the very end that baby Jesus is the reason for Christmas. It's never to young to teach them what's really important!
13. The Little Blue Truck
We LOVE this book! It's Christian's favorite and his first birthday party was actually themed around this book! It's has cute rhyming verses with lots of animals and their sounds. The message of the book is how it's important to be nice to others so that you can make friends, friends that can help you if you're in trouble.
14. Llama Llama Nighty Night
We read this book every night to Christian before bed, along with others. It's a cute book about llama's bed time routine.
15. On the Night You Were Born
This is the sweetest book yet that I've ever even brought tears to my eyes! It's a book that teaches children that if they ever doubt how special they are, or who loves them, they can take a look around at the geese, bears, wind etc. Check out this video that reads the book aloud and shows the pictures! So adorable and a good book that integrates faith.
16. Wherever You Are: my love will find you
There's a running theme here, I love author Nancy Tillman! This book is another sweet book about a mother's love always finding its child.

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