November 20, 2013

Insipiring Home Decor

These are some of my favorite and inspiring pieces of home decor that I've run across over the years.
(via Studio 74)
I really love this lamp! Hahaha, I love lamp... Anchor Man? Anyone? Anyway, I love the leaf design on the base of the lamp. I'm not really a gold person, but I do love gold accents.
(via Down to the Woods)
(via Arts Delight)
Ahhh, garlands. I love that they can be so simple and that they are great for any holiday to dress up your space. I even love vertical hanging garlands!
(via Fab)
I love birds and these little bird hooks are just adorable!
(via Cdn)
(via h&a happenings)
(via Hometalk)
(via Julia Robbs)
(via ennaland)

(via From Ezter with Love)
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If you can't tell, I'm a fanatic for all things nature! Especially when it comes to decorating your home, I love bringing nature indoors. It's so easy and simple and looks great. If you don't want a rustic look, this can still be achieved in a classic way, much like how the last picture shows.
(via A Beautiful Mess)
(via jojotastic)
(via A Beautiful Mess)
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(via The Modern Historic)
(via Under the Sycamore)
I also reallllly love vintage, vintage anything really. I've always loved vintage but never really branched out into my love for vintage with decorating. I've always played it safe when it came to picking out home decor. Even then, I didn't have a vision in mind, I just registered for safe pieces for my wedding. I wish I could go back to spend more time on that part of putting our home together. With only a 5 month engagement I didn't have time to really worry about a vision for decorating!
(via Apartment Therapy)
I love stars (it was even the theme for our wedding) and these are awesome, old-timey looking stars!
(via Carothrift)
(via Martha Stewart)
(via Painted Home Designs)
(via Poppy Talk)
(via Annika von Holdt)
(via Jennifer Johner)
It's in the works, but I've been planning a gallery wall for a LONG time. Photography is a hobby and passion of mine, and I have so many photos that I'd love to hang! To be honest, ever since we repainted our entire house, I've been hesitant to hang anything for fear of putting holes in the walls. I know, I know...but what if I hung something and then changed my mind? Gasp! Now there's a darn hole in the wall that has to be spackled and painted! Ugh.

I really enjoy the bath photos in the bathroom, the traveling stairway gallery and the long photo shelves (so easy to switch out and mix up!).
(via Home Decor Report)
I like this back splash since it will give off great reflective color and shimmer, but it's clean and simple.
(via Following Friends)
Hanging towels on hooks? Yes please!
Mismatched knobs!
(via Bryn Alexandra)
I love the practicality of hooks, and this painted stripe gives the illusion of a simple boarder without having to mess with molding. 

Anyone else in the mood to decorate?!

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