April 2, 2014

Chocolate Malted Martini

Ever since visiting a piano bar in Milwaukee, WI, in 2005, I have been in love with Chocolate Malted Martinis (wow has it been 9 years already?!). Unfortunately their martini was SO good, I  haven't been able to find one that came close. To be honest, I'm not even sure of the name of the martini that I had all those years ago! But I remember it tasting like Whoppers.

I wanted to see if I could perfect a recipe that came close. Little did I know that that would be a challenge! Although this recipe comes close to that very first malty martini that made me go crazy, it still isn't exactly right. Maybe I should call the place and ask about the martini... But this one is definitely chocolaty and tasty too.
Chocolate Malted Martini- serves 1
-Whoppers (or Robbin Eggs)
-1 T. half and half (1.5 oz)
-1 T. malted milk powder (like Ovaltine) (2T.)
-3 T. chocolate vodka (1.5oz)
-1 oz. (2 T.) chocolate liquor
-1 T. chocolate syrup (optional)

Combine all the ingredients (minus the Whoppers) in a shaker and shake. Strain into a glass and add a few Whoppers. Done! You may also add a drizzle of chocolate syrup to the inside sides of your glass before you pour your martini in, but I like my plain :o)

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