August 6, 2014

Easy Compact DVD Storage Solution

Here is a great way to store your DVD in a nice compact-no-scratch way! 
Adapted from here.
Easy Compact DVD Storage SolutionYou can fit 120+ DVDs in one shoebox! 
This is what our bookcase that houses our DVDs looks like. I know it's not pretty, especially since we had our first child, we had to keep moving movies up up up, out of Christian's reach. It started to get dangerous since there was more weight towards the top of the case than the bottom. We didn't want it falling over on anyone and we couldn't see all the DVDs, so we needed a plan.

-DVD sleeves (only $5.50 for a box of 60 double sided sleeves, but buying 4 boxes for all your DVDs is like buying a single movie. It's only about $20 and they'll help keep your DVDs scratch free.)
-shoe box
-QR code reader (optional, there are many to choose from)
-QR code generator (optional, there are many, but this is the one I used) 
-stock paper (heavy weight paper) or regular paper

1. Remove outer DVD description paper from plastic case.
2. Put DVD into DVD sleeve.
3. Tape the DVD descriptive paper on the bottom, and 3x on the long side to close openings except for the top. This will make a DVD sleeve.
4. Pinch the spine of the sleeve in half so it will lay flat.
5. Insert the DVD into the DVD descriptive sleeve along with any inserts from the case you'd like to keep.
6. File DVDs into a shoe box sideways. 
7. Cut a piece of paper into quarters and label them A, B, C etc. to alphabetize and sort your DVDs.

QR Code
You may also choose to create a QR code. This is to have a list of all the movies that you own, and to get to it quickly. 
1. Create a Google Drive Spreadsheet. 
2. As you change over your DVD cases for just sleeves, enter in the titles of the movies, making sure to leave out articles (a, the) that come first in the title. (ex. The Sound of Music>entered as>Sound of Music, The
3. Once you've entered all your movie titles, alphabetize your list by right clicking at the top of the column (or holding), and selecting Sort A>Z.
4. Get the link for your spreadsheet and enter it into the QR code generator. (Under the blue Share tab button, found at the top right of the page).
5. Print the QR code and tape it to your shoe box.

You can now have easy access to your movie list by scanning the code!

Recycle! Make sure to recycle your old DVD plastic cases! Ask your church, a teacher, art teacher, friends etc. They can be used for class videos, homemade video cds etc. You could maybe even try to sell them at an online Facebook group or yard sale. If nothing else, you can recycle them in your regular recycling bin.

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