July 29, 2013

A Review: One Step Ahead Splash Pad

One Step Ahead Splash Pad: ★ ★ ★ ★ 5/5

This is my personal review on the One Step Ahead Splash Pad. This item was on my wish list for my baby for a few months in the spring. I was lucky enough to actually find this one at a garage sale for only $5 right at the start of summer! What a score! (They are usually about $20)

Since my baby Christian was 8-9 months through out the summer, I wanted something that was age appropriate for him to cool off in that we could have fun with at home. I didn't like the idea of a baby pool because that was one more thing to clean, it held too much water for my liking at his age, and it was another huge thing to store. So when I found the idea of a splash pad on pinterest, I was very excited!!
1. The price is great (mine was extra awesome :o)
2. The look of the pad is fun, colorful and engaging
3. The hose connection is pretty good, connects well, minimal leaking
4. There is a pretty good drain, just pop the lid and pour it out
5. The water sprays are great, and there are many
6. Floating toys in a water ring
7. Storing this is a breeze since it fold up nice and flat
8. No cleaning necessary!
9. Great size, pretty large, enough to fit at least 3 babies comfortably

Cons/Potential Cons:
1. You have to constantly run the water so the water pressure pushes through creating sprays (lots of water for lots of fun)
2. Because of where the drain is placed you have to maneuver the pad around trying to angle the water out of the drain (I got most of the water out and the water that was left in there, which was very little, evaporated within a day or so)
3. Depending on the age of your baby, this pad does hold a good amount of water creating a small pool (probably about an inch and a half) since the sides are raised from the water pressure keeping everything in. I didn't mind this at all.
4. Because the water is constantly running, it does stay cold, BUT if used on a nice hot summer day.... not so bad.

Overall, this was a great find/purchase and I'd encourage anyone who has a younger baby to definitely seek one of these splash pads out!!

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