July 19, 2013

Albert Lea, MN Hot Spot: Antiques

Another all time favorite place of mine to visit while in Albert Lea, is the local antique store. I love all things vintage, and I always find the neatest pieces here! I can just look for hours, and the prices are great. There should be shops like this closer to home!
There's always a lot to see, especially with this store having multiple sellers.
I wish I could buy most of their clothes! Even if I couldn't wear it, someone I know could OR the fabric would be great to use and turn into some sort of pretty project.
 I LOVE this old radio, and only $10!
What a grand old suitcase with a lot of character!!
 Swoon...broaches and pins.
My favorite find was this little Alaskan sled dog lamp! I did not end up purchasing it, but it was sooo adorable and unique! Now I'm having some reverse buyers remorse! If it's there the next time I visit, I'll take it as a sign that it should be mine ;o)

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