July 17, 2013

{Simple} Fish Fry

It's been well known in my and my husbands family, that when you go fishing, you always bring along makings for a shore lunch fish fry! My husband would make the trek to Canada to fish with his dad and family friends, and I grew up fishing rivers with my dad, sister, and family friends in Arkansas (we'd make the two hour drive from Springfield, MO).

This fish fry however is the traditional Canadian fish fry that my husband grew up with (I'm sure one day I'll share the shore lunch fish fry makings from my side of the family).

Canadian Style Fish Fry 
-1 box Shore Lunch fish breading/batter mix, Cajun Style, or original (can be found at Menards or Amazon)
- 4 fish fillets, we used walleye
- canola oil
- gallon size ziploc bag
- large pan

1. Heat canola oil in a large pan on the stove (enough to cover half the fillet)
2. Pour some Shore Lunch breading into a ziploc bag. Add a fish fillet and shake until fish is fully coated.
3. Once the oil has heated, add the breaded fillets.

4. Fry for about 5 minutes on each side. Then flip.
 5. You'll know they are done, when they have a nice goldish-brown coloring.
Wa-la, an easy at home fish fry!

My husband made these for me with fish they caught in Canada. I had never had my walleye cooked like this before, and I had my doubts, but it was sure delicious!!! The fish was great and the breading was nice and crispy.

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