July 15, 2013

iPod Cozy

I wanted something to hold my ipod that was cute and easy, and I wanted to make my father in law a case as well. I still use my ipod and case, although I have an iphone, since I like to keep them separate. These are also great for kids too since they can help keep ipods safe from scratches and nicks. 

-fat quarter of your choice of fabric, exterior material 
(for my two cases I chose 100% cotton and a sweat shirt material)

-fat quarter of fleece of your choice, inside material 
(if fabric is already fuzzy on one side, skip getting the fleece material, the fabrics will rub wrong and create problems with lining things up neatly)

- 1/2" elastic, ~10 inches (optional)

1. Cut both fabrics to be 4.5" x 12"

2. Pin fabrics to each other, face to face.

3. On the short ends, sew a 1/4" seam allowance (it doesn't sounds right, but trust me!)

4. Turn fabric right side out, and press with an iron. Make sure those seamed sides are pressed good to make a nice edge!

5. Fold in half so that the short sides that were seamed, are now meeting. Pin in place down the long sides.

6. If you are adding the optional elastic to help hold the case around your hand or to help keep the iPod in (although it will stay in without it), then add the elastic on this step. Have fabrics right sides out. Pin the elastic to the fabric (the sides that will be the EXTERIOR of your case. This will mean that when you sew the sides with the wrong sides out, the elastic will be nestled in between your two fabrics on the inside). Right side of fabric still out, pin elastic about 1.5" from the side to make sure it's not sewn into the side seam. You could also pin it in the middle if you'd like. 7. Drape elastic up and over the top (the edge where the iPod will fit it) and pin elastic in place on the opposite side, making sure elastic reaches from bottom to bottom of each side. 10" should be ok, but best to measure! You don't need to leave a lot of elastic over the top edge. When finished pinning it could be pulling on your fabric a bit, no biggy.
8. Turn fabric, fleece side out (careful if you have elastic pinned)! Sew 3 edges with a 3/4" seam allowance, keeping top part open for the iPod to slide in.

9. Cut off edges as close to seams as you can get.

10. Fold right side out, done! The camo cozy case was the one made with sweat shirt fabric. It doesn't have the fleece lining inside since the two fabrics rubbed wrong. To make the top seam, I sewed a 1/2" seam allowance. That's why it looks shorter on top compared to the other. The elastic fits snug, but doesn't pull.
To make these cases, I took directions from a few websites and meshed them together. They were both made differently, but this site has great photos, and this site has more information on adding elastic.

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