July 10, 2013

Albert Lea, MN Hot Spot: The B&B Cafe

One of our favorite places to visit in Albert Lea while visiting family, is a local mom and pops breakfast stop, The B&B Cafe. They are known for their fantastic 'cakes,' pancakes! They are so delicious and incredibly large, you only need to order one!
You can always expect the B&B to be filled with early morning risers and friendly staff.
The greatest thing about the B&B (especially since we don't live in MN) is that you can purchase their pancake mix!!! Yum!! We even have to split the bags into thirds because the mix makes such a large amount! NOTHING compares to a B&B pancake!
(P.S. I just love this cow picture. So colorful and friendly. I wish I could have taken her home with me. :o)

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