August 14, 2013

A Review: Bummis reusable swim diaper

Bummis Swim Diaper: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ 4/5

This is my personal review of the Bummis swim diaper

I was in search of a reusable swim diaper for awhile. I had thought about it for awhile, since summer was soon approaching and Christian had swim lessons for the first time. Ah!

I knew I didn't want to use the disposable swim diapers if I didn't have to, since I like to cut my ecological footprint down when I easily can.
Through a friend, I found out about Bummis. I read the reviews online, and decided that I'd splurge a little and purchase 2 of these turtle print cloth diapers (considering I purchase so much through garage sales already). They cost about $14 each, which isn't too bad for a swim diaper that will last me probably two summers since I bought a large which ranges from 22-30lbs.

*Also, I didn't know, since I'm a first time mom, that swim "diapers" are not really diapers at all. Urine passes right through! I now look at public pools differently...
1. I LOVE the bright amazing colors and pattern of the turtle design.
2. Fit is good, not great (C was at the bottom of the weight range when I first got the diapers. Since he was 22lbs, there was some room for him to grow. Although this was the case, it was not baggy on him). It did fit pretty good around the legs, tummy, and back by his bum.
3. The feel of the diapers is great. Nothing scratchy. (I saw reviews that said the diaper rubbed wrong, but I saw nothing of this, and C has very sensitive skin).
4. Great velcro tabs that opens and closes diaper like a normal diaper (great for if baby has an accident and you don't have to pull the diaper down around them).
5. Good elasticity in the legs and around the top, however the elastic is NOT extremely tight like most rubber swim pants and does not cut into the skin.
6. Drys great and quick. I'd hang mine outside after swimming on the clothes line and I'd take it down before dinner for the next day. Ready to go!

Cons/Potential Cons:
1. Price could be better.
2. We did have a small poo in the diaper and it DID stay in, however I'm not sure how this diaper would hold up if C had a blow out, considering it was a little big on him to begin with.
3. The diaper did fade a little. This might have been due to being in the pool every day for 2 weeks because of swim lessons and me not rinsing well enough, or it could have been because of hanging it outside to dry in the sun every day for 2 weeks straight. Either way it still looks pretty good.

I very much like these swim diapers!

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