August 12, 2013

Farmer's Market

We love to visit our local farmer's market. It's always busy and I think it's great that we have the opportunity to shop and buy local food.
My favorite thing to buy at the farmer's market is cheese! I love cheese and I can always find my favorite kind here, habanero cheese. Yep, it's delicious and spicy!

Local meats, good deal!

We LOVE the frozen yogurt truck that serves yummy frozen treats. We always get the vanilla yogurt topped with raspberries. They are sweet enough to give it a deliciously sweet taste.
The farmer's market is located in the middle of down town Grayslake, IL. A lot of the little shops that line the main strip, set out products from their shops, like these pieces of art.
 How beautiful! They are such a happy flower! (You've Got Mail, anyone?)
There was a small spot on the sidewalk where you felt enclosed by plants and flowers. Very Secret Garden like. :o)
 They even have doggy treats!
A recipe will soon be coming with the specialty onions we bought! YUM! Also, I'll soon share the how-to for this turquoise produce bag!
The whole family visited the market!

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