September 18, 2013

Quilting: Variation 9 Patch Block

For this variation 9 patch quilting block, I used the same fabric choices as the 9-Patch block (left).

*Makes 2 total blocks* 

Strip sets of each:
Light color- cut one 1 1/2" x 22" strip (these are small! they are those itty-bitty patches!)
Dark color- cut one 1 1/2" x 22" strip

1. Sew the light and dark strips together.
2. Cut your now sewn strip into 16- 1 1/2" segments.
3. Arrange the segments into 8- 2 1/2" squares (these are the corner squares that have 4 small squares in one box. see above.)
4. Cut 8- 2 1/2" squares from your Light color and one 2 1/2" square from your dark color. In the picture above, these are the large single light colored squares in the block.
5. Arrange small squares into rows: 
  • Top row and bottom row: 2 small 4 patch squares, separated by a large light colored square. 
  • Middle row: 2 large light colored square separated by a large dark square.
For instance, take the red row below. You will take the three small squares and sew them together as shown, down the dotted line. Then you'll sew the green row and then the blue row the same. 
6. Sew each strip row by row, like the 9-Patch block. Sew the red strip to the green strip, then sew the green strip to the blue strip. Done!

*Pay close attention to how you place your small squares in the rows! In my block, the small dark squares lead into the middle.
*Make sure the seams butt up together so that the they line up for a nice meeting of corners. 

Since I'm a beginner quilter, I found this block a little more difficult. There are lots of squares of varying sizes, and my corners didn't always want to meet up perfectly. Oh well! 

Happy quilting!

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