September 20, 2013

A Realistic Motherhood Movement: 4th Trimester Bodies Project

If you haven't heard about the 4th Trimester Bodies Project, then listen up! 

This is a realistic motherhood movement that's coming your way! Photographer Ashlee Wells Jackson is dedicated to normalizing breastfeeding and projecting a realistic image of mothers and their bodies through her photo documentary, the 4th Trimester Bodies Project. 

It's on the rise and getting notice! This coming Monday, September 23rd, Ashlee will be on The Today Show at 9am CST! Set your DVR's! 

4th Trimester Bodies Project is going on the road too! The only scheduled cities are: Philadelphia, Portland, Los Angeles and Kansas City, but they are adding more! Check out dates and more info on their travelings here

Even though the 4th Trimester Bodies Project is offering the world a tasteful, real look at women and motherhood, they are being banned from Facebook and Instagram! They are in no way violating Facebook's photo policies, and Instagram just deleted their account without notice. For more details and to help put a stop to this censoring, sign their petition at change (dot) org. You can visit them and get updates through their Facebook page too.

Tasteful, real images of motherhood and breastfeeding should not be banned or treated as if we mothers are doing something embarrassing, shameful, or lewd. If we are all honest, we have seen more skin than these photos at the beach, bar, or even street corner.

We need to bring ourselves back to our roots and embrace the essence of the culture we once were! Motherhood and breastfeeding are as natural as breathing air or eating, and it's very sad and unfortunate that we have to remind our society that it is so. How do you think we all got this far anyway?! :o)

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