September 23, 2013

Baby Favorites: 9-12 months

These are my favorite items for baby C, for 9-12 months!
1. Chicco Hook On Chair
This was another great item I was able to find for cheap at a garage sale ($6!). This summer I have found so many, as you might know from reading my other baby favorites.
I liked to use this chair at our table once Christian was able to sit up on his own pretty well. We still use his space saver high chair every once and awhile, but this one stays attached to the table. Once he's over the 30lbs limit, we'll probably go back to the high chair. This one is nice because it easily folds up into a travel bag and hardly takes up space.
2. Nuby Sippy Cup
I really like these specific sippy cups for many reasons. These sippys have a straw that C can easily use, probably because he is a breast fed baby, and the straw is actually in the shape of a straw (not a long oval shape like other cups). These are easy to because of their raised ridges and skinny middle, and they are leak proof!
3. Touch and Feel books
Christian LOVES touch and feel books! He loves opening the bright colored pages, and feeling the patches of material or fuzz. We like the Bright Baby brand because they are, well... bright! They also have many sorts of books series like animals, shapes, colors, trucks etc.
4. Dohm (White Noise) Sound Machine
We really like this sound machine because it makes the white noise of rushing air. You can adjust this machine many different ways to get different tones and volume since the top ring and side panel swivel. This causes the air holes to close/open or get bigger/smaller. There are also two speeds, high and low. My friend who turned me on to this machine, said she uses the lower setting at night (since babies sleep more soundly at night) and uses the higher speed for naps. Good idea! 

This was a great machine to switch to since we were using a fan. Winter is coming and I don't want to have C's room chillier, so this was a great alternative. Plus, you can find this machine at Buy Buy Baby/Bed, Bath and Beyond, and use a 20% off coupon!! 

Also note: This is the WHITE NOISE machine, not to be confused with this sound conditioner machine that they also sell. Even though there isn't a huge difference between the two, the white noise machine creates the exact white noise sound, while the other machines pitch is VERRRY similar but slightly different. (Apparently "white noise" is a specific tone and sound. I couldn't tell the difference at all.) The other difference between the two is that the sound conditioner has a vibrating foam dampening pad on the bottom... mine does not. 
If you're at the store:
White noise machine= white box
Sound conditioner machine = pink/blue box
5. Baby Legos
We love baby legos! They are nice and large and great for stacking. C also loves to bang these around in containers or mouth them. I think he likes the hard little edges. They are also bright and colorful. We stack them all together to build a large blob of towering legos, and C loves to destruct it!
6. Summer Infant Sure and Secure Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate
We really like this gate because it a pressure mounted gate. We didn't want to have to drill any more holes into our walls unless absolutely necessary. Since we don't have stairs, this is perfect. But if we do ever move and want to put this at the top or bottom of stairs we could since it also comes with the feature of hardware mounting. I like that it's extra tall so it helps keep mister in even more, plus the dog. The best features about this gate is that the door can swing BOTH ways, and it auto-shuts!
7. Umbrella Stroller
We love our little umbrella stroller because it is so quick, easy and light. We got this one from Babies R Us for a good enough price. I liked the fact that it can lock together with a little red latch, it has a handle so that when it's folded you can carry it horizontally, it comes with an adjustable shade, AND it has a mesh holding bag attached to the back which is great for keys, phone, doggy bags, snack cups etc.
8. Snack Catchers
I used to see all the kids have these snack catchers, and I wondered why before I had C. Now I know how great they are! C is at the age where he wants to be independent and I love it! He wants to do things himself, so for snacks I let him. I fill up one of these cups with a snack and he can pull them out by himself. The snack stay contained even though it has a flexy lid. The bendable tops allow for kids to put their hands in and out but keeps the food in too.
9. Simplehuman Step Trash Can- Stainless Steel
I'm very glad that we invested in this stainless steel trash can. It really does keep the smell in without it permeating the trash can since it's steel! It has a convenient step pedal and the lid has an awesome silent close feature.... none of that awful smacking of a steel lid clanging.

10 month old Christian :o)
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