November 4, 2013

4 Simple Goals Challenge

My favorite blog, A Beautiful Mess, has once again tasked all of their readers with a challenge: create 4 simple goals (before 2014) and stick to them!

Sounds simple, but when you have to stick to only 4, it makes it a little bit more difficult.

I really like the idea of listing your goals on a picture and saving that as your computer's wallpaper. Good idea Elsie! 

My goals follow their "rules": 
  1. Simple goals that are life-enchriching & not difficult to complete. ✔Check!
  2. Activity based goals (rather than end-result goals). ✔ Check!
  3. Experience oriented goals. ✔ Check!
Cook & experiment with food
I love to cook, and think that I do it pretty well, but every since having a child, I don't cook much. It creates a large mess, lots of dishes and I just don't have the time. Plus our kitchen space is already small and it seems to take a lot of effort to get a nice, large cooking project going. But since I enjoy it, and it can cook large amounts (left overs, yea!), I'll give it a shot. Maybe Christian won't be screaming/crying his head off on the other side of our kitchen gate while I cook!
Pray more
I'm a part of my church's Prayer Chain Warrior group, but I'd like to converse more with God on a daily basis. Whenever I see something or hear something that reminds me of my faith, I'll be having mental convo's running :o)
Stick to a weekly cleaning routine
I've never liked cleaning, even as a kid. Since our house is now super cluttered with stuff since our child moved into our guest/storage room, it's hard to keep things situated. Since putting together a schedule and do a little something each day, it helps keep things more clean... but more tidy? That's another story.
Eat more green foods
I have found that I love steamed broccoli, and not only when it's covered with cheese. I'm getting back into eating healthier since I've had a nice long year break after having Christian. Long time, I know! Since Christian now eats almost everything we eat, I have to make good, healthy stuff for him, might as well be for myself too!

If you'd like to see the original post on these goals from ABM, head on over! :o)

What are your 4 goals?

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