December 5, 2013

Family Fun December Activities

Looking for something fun to do with your family? Want inexpensive, easy ideas that are fun and kid friendly? Here are some fun family December activities from cooking, to decorating, to games and more!
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1. Create and decorate your own felt Christmas tree and nativity! For the tree, I would create 2D ornaments so that Christian can stick them flat onto the tree, instead of creating buttons to tie them on. I also {LOVE} how this tree lays flat for storing too! How easy, right?! The nativity is a great way to teach kids about the true meaning of Christmas. (All templates for felt pieces are at their respective link.)
(via Art with Ms. Chiddo)
2. Elf yourself! All you need is a printed off photo of your face, scissors, glue, markers and paper! Wa la! These little elves are so cute!
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3. Make your own hot cocoa stirring sticks! Dunk candy canes in melted chocolate, and let them sit for a few minutes to harden. These are so simple and kids will love them! (These would go well with #7 below!)
4. Participate in annual Santa Sacks! There's nothing better than teaching your children that they must help give back to others, {especially} during the holiday season. Have them help collect old toys that they no longer play with (or even toys that they hardly touch), put them in Santa Sacks and send them on their way to Good Will or the Salvation Army for families in need! You can tell the kids that Santa needs their old toys so that they can be recycled into making new ones! I love how this also helps clear out the old before bringing in the new.
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5. Create a photo Christmas tree. What an awesome idea to relive past Christmas memories by putting together a photo Christmas tree! This classy black & white tree has the right touch of elegance for a family with older kids, where as colored photos would be more interesting for younger children. You can also decorate it with a string of lights, actual hanging ornaments and pom-poms!
(via The Decorologist)
6. Piece together a book tree. Do you have favorite stories that you always read during the holiday season? As a family, gather all your favorite stories and put together a book tree! All you need are books and a cake stand! A tree topper and small ornaments are optional, but would make for a more decorative tree. If you want mix it up a little, throw in your favorite holiday movies as well! As the month goes on, read a book or watch a movie as a family from the tree.
7. DIY Hot Chocolate Bar. This is fun for the kids! They'll love to help you shop and pick out toppings for the hot chocolate bar! Check out how my Hot Chocolate Bar turned out!
(via Blue Eyed Yonder)
8. Decorate for the season! Doesn't this photograph just look beautiful? and yummy at the same time? What an awesome idea! Stringing up marshmallows so that it imitates snow.... Pssst, I coulda come up with that! :o) Instead of marshmallows, because they'd be OH SO tempting to eat, try cotton balls and clear fishing line for this neat decoration.
(via All Things Simple)

9. Make your own activity based advent calendar! Include activities such as: create a hot chocolate bar, watch a Christmas movie, sing carols, make an ornament etc. Have the kids help think up fun holiday themed activities! Check the link above for more activity ideas! 
(via Meet the Dubiens)
10. Make your own personalized Christmas cards! Using your thumbprints create a work of art for your card: reindeer, lights, Santa Claus and the elves, lights on a Christmas tree, snowmen etc.
(via Taste of Home)
11. Make Grinch Punch! How cute AND yummy looking! Recipe at link above.
(via Some What Simple)
12. Make Christmas cookies! My family has done a Christmas-cookie-making-day for many, many years now. There are so many different kinds of cookies (I'd say probably different 10 kinds) that each person or family that'd like to take home cookies, has to bring cookie tins to transport them home in! These cute snowmen cookies would be fun for kids to help decorate. Instruction and recipe at the link above!
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13. Start a new tradition: old photos in holiday frames! A neat tradition that my husband's family has, that I too have adopted over the years, is the tradition of decorating for the holidays with photos of the past in holiday frames (and not just Christmas!). It's so neat to be able to look at pictures of yourself (and others) from previous holidays, and to see how far you've come.
(via Mason Family Blog)
14. Minute to Win It Christmas Style games! These are fun games that the whole family can get involved in! Check out the link above to see details!
(via Decorating by Day & House of Baby Piranha)
15. Holiday Art Projects. Get the paint ready for the little ones! They'll enjoy creating these art projects and they'll be nice reminders of how little they once were. Get them out every holiday season to decorate your home! (Store them with the rest of the holiday gear so they are easy to find!)

Have fun creating new memories with some new holiday activities! 

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