January 17, 2014

Toddler Smoothie Cup (+recipe)

Toddler Smoothie Cup
Our family loves smoothies. We have one every morning for breakfast!

Since Christian is now 15 months old, he has gotten to the age where he wants everything that we have, so I decided it was time for him to have his own smoothie cup.

I looked around a tad here and there, not desperate to find anything. Low and behold I found a cup that was pretty awesome {AND} not where I'd expect to find one! Can you guess where?

The Target dollar section!!! I couldn't believe it!

Even though it was in the dollar section, it was actually $3.  That's still an awesome deal, especially for what you get. 

There were two different kinds, all Star Wars, a green one with Yoda and a black one with Darth Vader. We stuck with the Jedi. :o)
Even though this cup was only $3 is has some awesome features.
To start, the straw is awesome. It comes with a lip towards the bottom so that it cannot be pulled out. The material the straw is made out of is a durable heavy plastic that would be hard to bend if chewed on. (I'd love to use a glass straw with Christian since that's better for you than plastic, but he's still too young!).

There is a nice rubber (I'm guessing) sealer on the inside of the lid's rim which helps the cup keep a suction preventing leaks!

The lid also has an inner lid rim on the inside that fits down into the cup while it's screwed on. Even more leak protection! Plus it helps prevent little ones from taking the lid off.

Not noted in above picture: The hole that the straw fits through ALSO has a lip around it. This does prevent our heavy smoothies from pouring out most of the time, but not water!
Here you can see that some smoothie has found its way out.
Testing out the cup:
Yep, that straw doesn't come out!
What if I tip it? Nope nothing comes out! Although one day I'm sure if he leaves it tipped long enough something might come out the straw or straw hole.
This 12 oz, double paned cup is perfect for protecting little hands from the cold smoothie. You can also see that his little hands can grab most of the cup too. It's a good size! I think I'll go back and buy another. Once they are gone from the dollar section, who knows if I'll ever be able to find them again!!

One con: hand wash only :o( 
Since we will be using it every morning, I'd have to hand wash it any way since I don't run my dishwasher every night.

*Note: The straws can be bent if chewed on long enough! Christian has figured this out! We also now own 4 of these cups because of how great they are and bonus: we have found the cups with different characters!*
Baker Family Smoothie
-one banana
-one container of greek yogurt (~5oz)
-orange juice, ~2 cups
-frozen strawberries
-ground flax seed (optional)

1. Mix banana and oj together.
2. Add yogurt and flax seed, then mix.
3. Top off with a handful of strawberries, mix and serve! Yum!

Enjoy! Christian always does!

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