April 21, 2014

A Review: The Okkatots Travel Diaper Bag Backpack

Okkatots Travel Baby Depot Diaper Bag Backpack: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5/5
This is my personal review of the Okkatots Travel Diaper Backpack

A Review: The Okkatots Travel Baby Depot Diaper Bag Backpack
(via Okkatots)
I love having a backpack as a diaper bag. Period. It's so much easier to have both hands free, especially when baby turns to a toddler! The first backpack diaper bag we had was a Fisher Price diaper backpack (see pictures at the bottom). It held up great, for the first year that is. After that the seams started coming undone, majorly undone, in the area where the backpack straps meet the bag, a pretty crucial area if you ask me, and around the outsides of the side pockets. The bag even cost a good deal of money! About $50 (and now it looks to be about $20 more)! Luckily it was a shower gift, but I didn't count on having to purchase ANOTHER baby item, and I hated knowing that friends and family spent their good money on an unreliable product.  

Sigh. What to do now? To up the ante, we also had a vacation coming up that involves Christian's first flight, so I needed something reliable, and fast. I didn't want to be in the mist of trying a new bag out while traveling.
Enter the Okkatots backpack diaper bag! I took the plunge and purchased this travel diaper bag. Yes, it was expensive ($109 on a small sale) but like I said, I needed something that would last and was reliable. I also read other reviews by traveling moms about how great this bag was, so I was pretty sure this was the bag for us.

I began researching traveling with baby's/toddlers and read up more on this bag, and came upon Okkatots detailed page for the diaper bag. All the pictures and descriptions had me sold! I loved seeing the detailed pictures and descriptions. They had so much info!
-LOTS of pockets for organizing everything
-pockets are roomy and deep (including an insulated side pocket as well as a pocket that has little sewn in compartments for silverware!)
-side pockets can zip open traditionally or open like a standing book (shown here)
-comfy shoulder straps that adjust
-clip and pocket on the shoulders straps to hold a phone, ipod, keys, toys etc.
-nice handles on top to carry the bag or hang it (can also clip around and onto a stroller, hook etc.)
-can fold open like a standing book, or the front zips down on both sides and folds down like a flap.
-comes with a waterproof pouch (dirty clothes, cups etc.), pacifier pouch, wipes pouch and changing mat
-good size changing mat that has nice cushion  to it
-clip inside to hold keys
-DVD pocket and holder, great for travel and roadtrips
-good size for an airplane carry on (can't wait to test this out!)

-Price... $109 is steep, especially for a stay at home mama and her family! It's a good investment though, just like a good baby carrier.
-kinda bulky but doesn't really bother me
-since we cloth diaper, I haven't found a use yet for the flat "diaper dispenser" pocket. (I just keep my cloth diapers in the main compartment)

NOTE: Update to come once I can speak to how well this bag does while traveling!
Fisher Price                           Okkatots
  Fisher Price                           Okkatots
You can definitely notice that the Okkatots bag is larger than the Fisher Price. I love that this bag can hold everything I need it to and more. We never have a problem with no space. I also like the shape of this Okkatots bag A LOT more than the Fisher Price bag. The shape keeps it nice and sturdy and the bag holds its shape and doesn't bow off of your back like the Fisher Price bag.

Take a tour of my Okkatots bag below!
I would definitely recommend this bag to anyone who's looking for a diaper bag backpack! It's easy, quick and great for if you're wearing your baby when they're little, or chasing around a toddler.

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  1. Update? Are you still enjoying this backpack diaper bag? Has it lasted over the year(s)?

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