August 23, 2013

A Review: The Boba G3 (baby to toddler) Carrier

Boba G3 carrier: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5/5
This is my personal review of the Boba G3 carrier

I was searching for quite awhile for the perfect carrier for C. I had a Moby wrap and liked that but I felt that C was getting too heavy and long for that, so I started my search. 

I attended a free baby wearing class through my local lactation consultant, but didn't really find the one. I searched the web and came across an AMAZING comparison chart from The Portable Baby. It shows many different kinds of carriers and lists tons of features for all the carriers (prices, weight limits, cool things about each item, pros, cons, facts about the different parts of carriers such as the waist band and should straps, what kind of build each carrier is good for etc. Trust me, just check it out!)

After reading through the chart and deciding on what I wanted my carrier to have (mostly a good price, and something that would last me many baby phases), I settled on the Boba G3. 
1. Price. Now I know $120 is kinda pricy, but for what I get it's great, AND it'll last me a loooong time, even with having a chunker of a babe, especially considering it lasts for many phases, leading me to...
2. Weight limits: 7 to 45lbs! I'll be carrying C in this when he's a toddler for hiking, traveling, you name it.
3. The look (for my specific carrier, color: dusk): It's simple and classic. Nothing really frilly or fad about it. Me (and hubby).
4. A comfortable fit for both me AND my husband. The waistband and shoulder straps do not dig, rub wrong, or sit funny. 
5. Easy to fold up and pack with you. It doesn't fold up into a nice neat "package" on it's own, but it's easily packable for trips. (If you should want a bag to keep it in, Boba does make one).
6. Great adjustable bands. Everything is adjustable! Shoulder straps, waist band, hood, side straps, leg straps, where the chest clip sits etc.
7. Comes with a hood that snaps on and off. If a child should fall asleep it's good for a bobble head.
8. 2 little pockets on carrier. One on the waist band that will fit an iPhone and one of the back of the carrier. 
9. Has a snap strap on the should so you can snap a toy, sippy cup, or even a purse onto the carrier.

** None!!
Arms can be in, out underneath the black strap, out and above the black strap, or out and over the top of the carrier (I suggest that for toddlers).
Great How-To videos on how to wear the Boba and your baby or toddler. :o) 

*We haven't had a chance to use the leg straps (which is for older kids so their legs do not dangle), but they look pretty cool.
*I also did not use this carrier when C was a newborn. I just didn't have it yet, so I cannot speak to how well it holds for newborns. However, this carrier does not need an insert for that first stage, and other reviews say it's great!


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