July 10, 2014

4th of July holiday in {photos}!

We were lucky enough to visit a good friend's mother's WI lake house over the 4th of July holiday (did you follow that relation?). We had so much fun! After being there for minutes, we wondered "why did it take us so long to come and visit?!"

We had fun riding the jet skis, pontoon boat, visiting the sand bar for some fun in the water, kayaking, watching sun sets, and ate a ton of food. We also brought our dog Niko with us, and he also had fun in the water and running around the spacious yard. 
There was also a beautiful garden that they build not far from the house. It was gorgeous complete with a drift wood door arch.
(photo by Sixpence Photography)
I loved that we had so much time to connect again with mother Earth, and just be in nature. Listening to the lake, the breeze blowing through the wild tall grasses, viewing the sunsets... it was just amazing. God's beauty and talent, in both nature and people, is so inspiring, relaxing and something to remember.

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