September 6, 2013

Baby Favorites: 6-9 months

 These are my favorite baby items for my baby when he was 6-9 months old!

Christian LOVED this activity cube. I had debated with myself over whether we should get one or not, because we are trying to live more with less, but when I saw this at a garage sale and I could purchase it for $10..... it was all mine!! Even though this cube is designed for 12+months, I felt that Christian was fine playing with it at about 7 months (which is when I found it). I attribute his pulling up onto things to this cube! Even though I had to watch carefully, making sure he didn't pull it over onto himself, he loved pulling up onto it by grasping the bead wires. 
This was another great find! Except this one I was able to find at my local resale store for only $35. I again was hesitant about it since I saw articles and heard from others that children dangling in anything with their weight on their crotch, posed development problems. After seeing him in one at daycare though, and how much he loved being independent and making himself move, I purchased one ONLY because it was a good deal. At almost 10 months, he still likes to take a break and bounce in his jumper.
At about 6-7 months was a real transition for us. It was summer so daycare was over since I was finished teaching (for the foreseeable future since I was going to start staying home!) This meant that Christian was going to transition from our bed to his crib for night time sleeping. This meant that everything was thrown off including naps. He was able to nap very well at daycare in a swing. So my hunt began. Again my local resale shop had this for $30 and I made my purchase. Since it's a swing that hold the weight from the bottom, its weight range goes up to 30lbs. (which is great for Christian since he's a chunk.) With this swing and the jumperoo in our small condo, it has been cluttered, BUT it has saved us with naps many times over again, making it very well worth it.
This was something we got from our registry, and we have used it during many phases of Christian's life. We used it a lot when he was a newborn, and it was next to our bed (we tried sleeping him in there, but he wouldn't do any hard surface). We ended up using this as our changing table for quite awhile in our bedroom. Now that Christian is older, I have used this for me to get a break, such as to do the dishes, take a shower etc. I put him in the pack n play with some toys and he plays by himself for a little bit. I definitely think it's important for him to learn to play by himself, to entertain himself, and that he doesn't always need me to do everything for him. He learned this pretty well at daycare too, so I was just keeping up with the habit. This has also come in handy when we've got to visit relatives out of town. It folds up easily and becomes an instant bed. (We also learned that he sleeps better if we put a folded up blanket down on the board under his pack n play sheet, so that it provides some cushion.
5. The Little Blue Truck
This is Christian's favorite book. He reads it with Daddy every night before bed, and even if he's in a bad mood 9/10 times he quiets down and listens to the book. It has a cute rhyming story peppered with fun animal noises! 
6. Llamma, Llama, Nighty-Night
Another cute book that Christian settles right down for. It has a rhyming story and a simple story about Llama's bedtime routine.
7. Links
These are great for clipping on toys, sippy cups etc. so you don't loose them! Attach them to car seats, strollers, baby's overalls etc.
8. Lamaze Play and Grow: Moose
We have many of these Lamaze toys and just love them! This moose toy has bright colors, different textures, materials and noises to stimulate baby. It is pretty large too!
Christian at 7 months
9. One Step Ahead Splash Pad
Check out my review with lots of details!

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