March 3, 2014

Toddler Favorites: 12-15 months

These are our current Toddler Favorites! C is now 16 months old and we are still using many of these items, but I'm sure he'll be growing into some new things soon!
These are not the huge Mega bloks or the regular sized legos for older kids, but in between. Christian loves playing with all the different sets of these lego (firemen, gas station etc.) He is able to stack them and pull them apart. He first started playing with these by destructing them.
This little scooter was a gift for C's first birthday and it has worked out great! Our entire house is carpeted (except for the kitchen) and these larger thick wheels work amazingly in our little space. It is also the perfect size for C to sit on and have his feet still touch the floor.
3. Peter Rabbit Peekaboo!
We love reading the book because it has a nice, big flap on each page to open. A character hides behind each one and C loves to play peekaboo on each page.
4. NINO Egg Shaker and 5. Handled Caged Bell
Christian loves to play with these when we go to our Funsies with Onesies class at the local library. He loves anything musical and these are great for little hands to make noise!!
6. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes
Christian loves to dance and listen to music, so what better than a toy that he can manipulate himself? We do not own this specific toy, but one very much like it. Christian likes to be able to push the buttons himself to select the different tunes.
7. Baltic Amber Baby Teething Necklace
This necklace was great when C's molars started to come in. He was fussy when he was teething, since he'd have a few come in about the same time, and this little necklace was great for helping ease the pain. Babies DO NOT chew on these beads, they simply wear the necklace, that's it! The anti-inflammatory properties of the amber are absorbed in through the skin. I have been able to notice a positive difference in C's fussiness after using this necklace.
*Note: the lighter amber necklaces are said to work better than the darker, and also be careful of where you purchase your amber necklaces! Some people try to rip you off by selling you plastic beads, glass beads etc. Do a simple test to make sure the beads are authentic amber! 

8. Green Toys Dump Truck
We love the brand Green Toys because their toys are made with 100% recycled plastic! Not only does Christian love loading this guy up with other toys and pushing it around, but I love to support companies that are helping our planet recycle its waste.
9. Toddler Smoothie Cup
See my post about these awesome cups here!

10. Summer Infant Dr. Mom Health & Grooming Kit 
We have used this kit SO much during Christian's first year, and into his second! This kit has so many good things all in one package: hairbrush & comb, baby nail clipper and emery boards, thermometer etc.

11. Safety 1st Infant to Toddler Oral Care Kit
I love most things convertible (car seats, high chairs etc.) and even oral care kits. This little baby comes with an infant toothbrush that fits on your finger along with 2 toddler toothbrushes (plus a teether and stickers). We loved using the infant toothbrush when he was really little, only a few months old. It got him use the stimulation on his gums and little teeth buds. I also loved that we already had toddler toothbrushes ready and available to us in our home when we needed to transfer to them. C loves to try to brush his own teeth and it's not a battle but a fun activity since he's been brushing his teeth from the beginning.
12. Space Saver High Chair
Speaking of convertible items from infants to toddlers, I love this high chair. I talked about it in my Baby Favorites: 3-6 months, and it's back! We haven't needed to keep this chair reclined for awhile now since he sits by himself, but it's a great little chair that still fits him. He eats every day in it at our table, and its sturdy for a toddler!
13. Okkatots Baby Depot Travel Diaper Bag Backpack
This is still a new diaper bag for us, but we've been using it for about a month and love it! After our last diaper bag backpack gave out I decided to splurge a little and get something that would last a looooong time. I'll be doing a review on it very soon! If you want to see some details about it, check out the Okkatots site.
14. Robeez Classic Booties
These booties are great for the winter! Even though Christian is 16 months and has been walking for about 5 months now, I still don't like him to walk outside by himself (in the winter). These are great little soft sole leather booties that are perfect for toddlers that are just beginning to walk. The elastic in the boots makes them easily stretchable to fit around Christians chubby little feet and ankles. They are very high quality (which means they are a little pricy) but he wears these every day in the winter, and they haven't worn down at all! The fuzzy on the boots doesn't look brand new, but they have held up incredibly well! We also purchased a second pair at our local kids resale store, and those are still in great condition too!
15. Chicka Chicka ABC
Christian loves this book because we sing the rhyming alphabet song and he loves predicting when the "boom, boom" happens in the story (the letters fall out of the tree). It's much like the original Chicka Chicka Boom Boom book, but shorter, which is great for his attention span.

16. Pandora
We like to listen to the toddler station on Pandora and dance. You don't need an account, you can just type in what you'd like to listen to and it'll play other related songs/artists in that category. We also love to listen to KLove online, which is a Christian radio station.

*Another favorite item Christian loves for night time and naps, is his tie knot fleece blanket that I made!

What are you toddler's favorites? If you have something spectacular, share! I'd love to hear about new toddler items!

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