September 11, 2013

My First Semi-Professional Photo Shoot: Senior Portraits

I recently completed my first semi-professional photo shoot, for my sister's senior portraits. I say "semi" because I'm in no way a professional photographer, but I love photography! It has been a hobby of mine since my high school photography class where we actually go to develop our own film!! So neat! 

I have been trying out different cameras over the years, and different styles of photography. This past year or two, I have started to try to learn how to use my DSLR camera in manual mode so that I can adjust all the settings myself. I've pretty much taught myself along the way, and asked a few questions here and there of a photographer we have in the family. :o)

To prep for the photo shoot, I spent a lot of time on Pinterest. I looked at flattering angles, different types of poses and most of all I wanted to see how I could make my ideas work. I also researched how to shoot in specific locations. They didn't all turn out just right, but I did get some great ones that I'm proud of!

So, without further ado, this is my attempt at trying to capture my sister and her love of reading, writing, and music!

 One of her favorite books...
 We both LOVE Harry Potter. I saw a shot like this 
on Pinterest, and recreated :o)
 My favorite!
 Angela with her piano music.
 This one is neat because a train happened to come by as we were shooting!
I like this bible photo... you don't see this a lot.
How did I add my watermarks and collages? Check out part three and part two of my PicMonkey tutorial!

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