November 1, 2013

Cotton Babies: Share the Love Program

Hi everyone! I wanted to share this program that I heard about while I was a participant in a Facebook chat with Jennifer Labit, CEO of Cotton Babies and creator of the cloth diaper line Bumgenius!  It was exciting to say the least! It was a great Q & A session and that's where I learned about Share the Love.

There is a big question amongst cloth diapering mama's.... what do I do with all the cloth diapers I have that I: don't use/don't want/don't need/want to get rid of. 

There are many choices on what to do with your gently used cloth diapers, but the best one is to DONATE them to mother's in need. Share the Love is a cloth diaper bank with locations is cities across the states! 

I love how we can work as a community, pull together, and offer mother's diapers! They don't have to choose between buying food or diapering their child. Please help the cause in any way you can! Donate gently used diapers, volunteer to be a Share the Love Host (see picture below), or even help spread the word. 
Even if only a few mother's are helped, that is for sure better than none!

One last note: I love how John 15:12 is quoted on the main Cotton Babies Love page... "This is my commandment: that you love one another just as I have loved you." So powerful, and so true. 

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