March 13, 2014

30 {goals} while 30 {years old!}

Have you seen or heard of others doing this challenge: 30 while 30? Well I have taken the plunge and set some goals (well many) for the year that I'm 30 years old! My 30th birthday was actually at the end of January, so I've been trying to complete these goals for a few months now.

The idea is to come up with 30 things that you'd like to accomplish during this year. It was hard to come up with 30 ideas, since some are time consuming, expensive etc. I have until the end of my 30th year (so next January) to accomplish them, but won't be heart broken if I don't. Plus, I don't have 30 complete ideas either.... some of them I'm still unsure about, hence the ? next to certain ideas.

Ready for the list? In no particular order:

30 {goals} while 30 {years old}!
1. Submit something for publication
2. Decorate pictures with digital handwriting!
3. See a Cardinals game in person!
4. Take a photography class
5. Travel some where new and explore
We took a trip to Mexico!
6. Be more aware of money spent
Not that we are big spenders, but we could be saving more money if we put together a simple budget or really watched what we spent.
7. Complete acts of service
8. Start a new tradition
9. Finish my quilt!
10. Create my own {delicious} recipe  
Did you see my Spicy Honey Salmon Glaze recipe?
11. Do something special for myself.  
I went to MommyCon
12. Hang/put up pictures throughout the house. Maybe try a gallery wall...
Everything was taken down a few years ago so we could paint the rest of the house, and things have been going back up slooowly.
13. Complete an out-of-this-world pin
In the making!
14. Learn to paper piece
15. Try a new food or drink.
16. Perfect our mead recipe
17. No bottled water (unless in dire need, as to cut back on waste)  
So far so good!
18. Find a new church and attend weekly  
We have found one that we really like so far, that's right down the road and it has a nursery and baby/toddler weekly group! Success!
19. Play the violin more
20. Take Christian to visit MO and go fishing (my home state, also where my dad lives)
21. Night away from Christian- ?
22. Complete a weekly photo blog challenge
23. Take a risk
24. Make myself a priority
25. Blog at least once a week 
I've been keeping up and it feels less stressful than blogging 3x a week for sure.
26. Make a simple cleaning schedule, and stick to it for at least a month
27. Enjoy a new interest  
A new obsession really. I'm sooooo into Doctor Who now. It occupies my mind (and pinterest board ツ) constantly. (Followed by Tris & Tobias from Divergent.)
28. Read more.
29. Continue to purge "stuff" from the house 
Hopefully this will mean more space & organization
30. ????


I need only 1 more idea (and maybe a few more for the few undecided goals)!! Anyone have any suggestions? I'm hoping that they also might present themselves as the year goes on.

I'm hoping this challenge will help make my 30th year a great one to remember! I'll be updating along the way (with some separate posts for certain goals), so allons-y! ツ I've got fun stuff to do!

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  1. Love your goals! Especially the Cardinals game...we should do a Matthews Reunion night at the ballpark!


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