May 9, 2014

¡Viva México!

I'm excited to share some photos from our recent vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! We had an adventure and traveled to Mexico for my cousin's wedding. We stayed in a nice little boutique style hotel, that is basically rented out for the entire wedding group of family and friends. I've never heard of that or experienced it, but it was so awesome. Since we had Christian with us, it allowed for us to relax and not worry about having him out and about in the hotel since everyone knew each other! Plus if you put your stuff down and needed to go back to your room, you knew your camera and pool gear would be there when you got back.
We had an amazing view too which was breath taking! It was a corner room with a wrap around patio balcony. Being on the third floor had it's perks, and the view was the best one! :o) Our room was a suite style room, which had a common/lounge room with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms attached. My family and immediate family all stayed in one suite. 
Every day there was an open bar all day long. We are not heavy drinkers (not since college at least), but we loved having the option to get a drink whenever the moment struck us! I had a piña colada every day! Yum! Plus some others...
This was Christian's first trip on an airplane as well. He did great traveling on the way there, since thankfully there was an open seat right in front of us (and the other two passengers were willing to switch)!! On the way back was a little trickier since we had to try and entertain him on one of our laps. Boo. He got a C+ for that flight since he wasn't horrible but not great. We loved that we brought our Boba G3 with us, it helped a lot!
Sooner than later I will also be posting about our traveling arrangements and ideas for toddlers! I'm excited to share what worked for us and items that come in handy.
My little man ready for the wedding! Bow ties are cool.
We had an amazing trip! I wish we would have had more time to experience more of the culture and explore, but traveling with a toddler is difficult and time consuming enough. The massage (my first ever!), drinks, food, family, sand, waves and pool time were a lot of fun.  


I already miss it!


  1. Just stumbled across your blog... wow paradise.. take me away! lol, and what a cute lil boy you have! :)


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