May 15, 2014

What's in my {cloth diaper} bag?

Before I started cloth diapering, I was curious as to what one had to carry around to make cloth diapering really work. I couldn't fathom the gadgets and gizmos that went into helping a mama work with cloth.

So I decided to put together a mini post, if you will, on what's in my cloth diaper bag, plus a few other cloth diapering mama's share what they like to carry with them in their diaper bag.

-3-4 cloth diapers for short trips, and 6-8 for longer trips
-wet bag (for soiled diapers)
-flushable biodegradable liners (to catch solids. not pictured, oops) We like to use Bummis Bio-Soft
-CJ's diaper cream
-wipes (in a reusable pouch)
-change of clothes
-couple toys
-snack in snack cup
-sippy cup
-bib + spoon
-2 extra large ziplocs (for dirty clothes, if I forget the wet bag etc.)
-nursing cover
-burp cloth 
-first aid kit
-wristlet purse (thanks Mary!)
-changing pad

This list includes most everything that I'd ever keep in my diaper bag. I don't have ALL of these items in our bag daily since some of these things are seasonal items, like tissues for the winter. Also some of these items change when moving from baby to toddler, such as the nursing cover, burp cloth and snacks.

What do other cloth mom's keep in their diaper bag?
California Baby Calendula Cream is a must for us, waterproof bags, extra changes of clothes, wipes, a blanket to use as a curtain for feeding or changing, a changing pad, travel toys and snacks. I like to carry a light diaper bag. - Sarah
Cloth Diapers, wipes, wet bag, snacks, changing mat, water/milk, bib/spoon. For long days away from home: a change of clothes, socks (since they get pulled off everywhere we go and we loose them), Desitin [not cd safe, so use a fleece liner], small toys, camera, and personal items. -Lauren
Way too many cloth diapers, changing pad, wipes and a case, wet bag, change of clothes, snacks, occasionally Zinc Oxide (for rashes), cloth wipes (to protect diapers from Zinc Oxide), and toys. -Jacki 
Cloth diapers, wipes, wet bag, changing pad, change of clothes, toys, snacks for baby and me, a bib, a plastic bag (in case I forget to pack a wet bag), and a small purse with my stuff in it, (so I can easily grab it and leave the diaper bag if I need to). -Mary
Now all of that wasn't so scary was it? We don't carry all that much more than disposable diaper mom's!

What do you keep in your diaper bag?

(Did you see my review of the Okkatots Travel Diaper Backpack?)


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