August 28, 2013

Baby Favorites: 3-6 months

These are my favorite items for my baby when he was 3-6 months old!

1. Neem Cream
We've had to use this cream a lot since Christian started daycare. He had bowel movements OFTEN (I once changed him three times in an hour), and he was constantly getting diaper rash. It got so bad once that regular diaper rash turned to a yeast infection, and then to a staph infection! Ouch! Our doctor recommended using Neem Cream when it started to look like he was getting a rash. It's an anti fungal cream and not terribly expensive, about $12 and it lasts a very long time! I found mine at a local health food store. We applied it sparingly, with every change, and in place of diaper cream. It always amazingly cleared anything up quickly!
2. Sassy Teething Feeder
We loved these feeders for many reasons: they screw and clip into place as opposed to other feeders that just have a hard snap on. They are also BPA free, come with a travel cap, they're easy for baby to hold, and the water filled base acts like a chiller. Plus, it's dishwasher safe. Christian's first solid food at 6 months (frozen breast milk) was given to him in this and he loved it!!
3. Sophie the Giraffe Teether
We realllly didn't want to purchase this item purely because of how outrageously priced this item is (about $20), plus hubby also said it was a glamorized dog toy. I looked for gently used Sophie's for forever at garage sales, and the only one I could find looked old and had a heavy weird rubber smell. So I ended up breaking down and buying a new one from Amazon. They really are a great teether, and there is something magical about them that helps soothe sore gums... maybe the horns or legs that can get into little and far back places? Who knows. I do also like how it's made from natural tree rubber and food paint.
4. Baby Einstein Activity Mat
We did not have one of these until Christian was about 2 months old. He got this as a Christmas gift and it has really worked out great. When he was too young to sit, he loved laying underneath it and looking at the toys. Then he graduated to swiping for the toys and when he could sit pretty well by himself, he liked to bat at the toys since they were then eye level. 
5. Medela's Pump in Style Double Breast Pump
This pump was great for when I was working full time. It worked really well, came with a little discrete cooler and ice pack, among other things. It is not a closed system so sometimes moisture can get into the tubes that lead back to the machine. (Thankfully to help the motor not get moldy, you can leave the machine on and disconnect the bottle once you're finished, so just air is being pumped through the tubes. This will help dry it out.) When I started pumping less often, I'd use these 8 oz. bottles and pump twice into them. I had to purchase them separately. I also loved the hands free pumping bra and the quick clean steam bags. They were very handy.
6. Space Saver High Chair
Another good piece of advice was to buy items that can convert from NB to toddler (like the car seat in the first baby favorites post). This is another great item that came in handy. We like to sit at the table and eat as a family, and Christian uses this chair to do just that! It straps to a regular chair and the back can be adjusted to lay back, for a NB, or sit more upright. Since we didn't want the travel system (again, mentioned in the first baby favorites post) we'd bring this with us to our families homes, restaurants etc. and he could sit with us in this chair.
7. Boba G3 Baby/Toddler Carrier
We LOVE this carrier! It fits both me and my husband very well! I go through great detail in my review. Check it out!

8. Bummis Cloth Diaper
See my review!!

My Christian boy at 5 months. He looks like such a big boy in his church clothes!

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