May 30, 2014

30 While 30 Update: June!

Hi everyone! It's almost June and I wanted to share where I'm at on my 30 while 30 goal list! I'm already 5 months in and I think I'm doing pretty well! Although looking at my list now, it's seems like it might be a little challenging to accomplish all of these items!

Below is my goal list (check out my original 30 while 30 post), with accompanying comments on most.

In no particular order:  

30 {goals} while 30 {years old}!  
1. Submit something for publication.
I do have something in mind for this, but have yet to start. 
2. Decorate pictures with digital handwriting!  
3. See a Cardinals game in person!  
4. Take a photography class 
I'm currently signed up for a Mastering your DSLR Camera class, that starts the end of June! So excited!! :oD
5. Travel some where new and explore  
We took a trip to Mexico!  
6. Be more aware of money spent  
Not that we are big spenders, but we could be saving more money if we put together a simple budget or really watched what we spent.  
7. Complete acts of service  
I volunteered at our church's nursery for a little while, but would like to do more, hence it's still on the list.
8. Start a new tradition  
9. Finish my quilt! 
10. Create my own {delicious} recipe    
Did you see my Spicy Honey Salmon Glaze recipe?
11. Do something special for myself.    
I went to MommyCon ツ and had a blast!  
12. Hang/put up pictures throughout the house. Maybe try a gallery wall...  
Everything was taken down a few years ago so we could paint the rest of the house, and things have been going back up slooowly.
13. Complete an out-of-this-world pin  
Even though it's not 100% finished since I still have to make a cover, I have created an awesome quiet book for Christian! He played with it on our trip to Mexico and loved it, especially the buckle page. (I will share more once I've added the cover.)  
14. Strive to incorporate more natural remedies, cleaners, cosmetics etc. for a more natural way of living.
15. Try a new food or drink.
16. Perfect our mead recipe 
17. No bottled water (unless in dire need, as to cut back on waste)    
So far so good! 
18. Find a new church and attend weekly    
We have found a new church home! It's right down the road and it has a nursery for use during services, a baby/toddler weekly group and young family group get togethers! Success!  
19. Play the violin more  
20. Take Christian to visit my home state, MO, and go fishing
21. Night away from Christian- ?  
22. Complete a weekly photo blog challenge  
23. Take a risk 
24. Make myself a priority
I have been making sure to focus on myself (as well as hubby) and remind myself that I AM still here, that I am not just a mom but an individual with interests other than toddler life. I have picked back up with reading, visiting with friends and having girls night regularly, along with date nights with the hubbs. :o) Go me!
25. Blog at least once a week  
I've been keeping up and it feels less stressful than blogging 3x a week for sure. If I have a particularly rough/busy week, I will not allow myself to write a quick posts just to make sure I've gotten something written for the week.  
26. Make a simple cleaning schedule, and stick to it for at least a month
27. Enjoy a new interest   
A new obsession really. I'm sooooo into Doctor Who and Divergent now. It occupies my mind (and pinterest board, make that boardS ツ) constantly.  
28.
I have started reading again, and love utilizing my local libraries to the full extent. I'm not a huge fan of ebooks, but I have found that they do come in handy paired with shorter, if any, wait lines. 

-Books/short stories read: Divergent series (loooooved it), Free Four, Four: The Transfer, The Fault in our Stars, Heaven is for Real
29. Continue to purge "stuff" from the house   
Hopefully this will mean more space & organization! I love the act of purging stuff and making large donations to the local Good Will. It's my way of spring cleaning, instead of scrubbing floors and window sills. Ek.
30. ????


Anyone have any suggestions for my list? I'm hoping that as the year goes on, a few more goals might present themselves. 

This challenge has definitely helped shape my year! I'm more motivated to complete projects, keep myself in mind, remember the important things and live happily. I think that this is a great idea to do EVERY year! Maybe not quite such a long list of goals, but I could absolutely see myself having at least 12 goals a year, one a month, to help keep the focus on family, God and living a happy life.

I find that I'm constantly reminded of what I've accomplished this year so far as well as not getting caught up and drug down by an overwhelming lifestyle without a focus. This list breaks it down easily and quickly.

Hmmm, <pointing to my cheek as Christian would do> 
what should I do on my list next?

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